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Ancient and classical astrology for the here and now in Missoula Montana and by online conferencing from any location

About Me

Readings and Services

Sky Mandala is dedicated to upholding the ancient and traditional lineage of Western  schools of astrology. These methods of delineation  offer a powerful and direct way to obtain insight, clarity and knowledge about ourselves and inquiries in the here and now. I offer five different readings in addition to tutoring for those who want to learn astrology.  Natal astrology which covers the entire life purpose and direction. The year ahead that focuses on the issues of the next 12 months and can be helpful for clarifying specific life goals. Horary, the astrological art of answering specific questions and is one of my specialties. Electional astrology that is focused on finding the right day and time to begin new ventures in your life.  A Synastry reading examines with great precision the dynamic between two individuals. All readings are custom crafted. 

About Me

James Sebastian is a professional astrologer living in Missoula Montana with over ten years of experience in astrological readings and has many clients from around the world. James is a certified horary astrologer from the School of Traditional Astrology, and has trained extensively in ancient and classical Astrology under some of the greatest teachers of this art. He is also completing his masters thesis in cosmology at the University of Wales. He focuses on synthesizing traditional astrology with a focus on the present moment and modern life issues.

What To Expect

Natal and year ahead readings last one hour. Electional and horary readings are custom delineated reports and include a phone session with any follow up questions. Sessions are either held in person in Missoula or via web conferencing from anywhere in the world. Phone readings are also available upon request. 

After ordering please email, call or text me to set up your appointment. Appointments are available Monday thru Saturday during the day and evening. 


Amazing Reading

"I have had readings before to mixed results, this reading was completely accurate and helped me make some important decisions - I now use James regularly especially for horary readings"  - Vanessa K.

The Best

"I have used James regularly for years with help for my life and business. Highly recommended!" - Laura L. 

Excellent Natal

"This reading blew me away, much better then any other I have had. Accurate and also really helpful. Will use again." - Jerome E.

Life Direction

"The year ahead reading was just what I needed. Got the insights and direction that helped me make great choices. Excellent!"  - John M. .


"I was super stressed about some pressing problems, James really clarified and helped me come up with solutions. Friendly and accurate"  - Lisa F.

Studying Astrology

"I did tutoring sessions with James for around 9 months and now am able to accurately read charts for many purposes. Traditional astrology is really interesting and accurate.  A joy to work with him." - Enid W.


Natal Astrology


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A unique reading that covers the broad themes of the entire life. The natal chart is the karmic blueprint of life and offers insights in how to live to your fullest potential. 

Year Ahead


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This special reading covers the next twelve months of your life. We will use methods that will examine the issues, challenges and positive realities of the next twelve months. The purpose of this reading is to clarify and provide solutions for your life  and objectives during the next year. 

Horary Astrology


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An amazing reading for specific inquiries and questions. Excellent for divinations concerning work, school, relationships and major decisions. I provide a hand written report answering your question and there is a follow up phone session with any questions. 

Electional Astrology


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Electional astrology gives you the best day and time to start a new venture such as a business or marriage. Use the power of astrology to ensure the best conditions for your undertaking. I provide a hand written report answering your question and there is a follow up phone session with any questions. 

Relationship Astrology - Synastry


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A synastry reading examines the charts of two people and how they interact. Excellent for many different kinds of relationships, giving great insights in how to understand and improve the dynamic between each other. 

Study Astrology

Private Tutoring in Traditional Astrology

The ancient and traditional methods of astrology have been practiced for over 2000 years. These private tutoring sessions will give you all the tools and insights you need to both understand astrology and read charts. Whether you want to have a general overview of the art of astrology or learn a specific branch of astrology I can tailor the sessions to your needs. Tutoring is $35 an hour. Please inquire for further information.

Contact Us

For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

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